Written by Prognog Staff

The evolving world of alternative energy is, among other things, an interesting venue in which many disparate players play a part.  We find traditional environmentalists, energy companies, and a wide array of land owners and interested municipalities.

Wind Turbines The interesting thing about wind energy is that the power source is rarely near the energy need. Thus you find wind farms in the middle of absolutely nowhere--more specifically, in those windy environs that people generally try to avoid.  The NY Times has a short little feature on the developing wind power industry in Wyoming and the ranchers on whose land this windy area sits.

Nice to see the participants in this case not only accepting but profiting from this alternative energy power source.  The formation of associations, groups of landowners in this case, generally insure a more equitable deal for the people living there than the somewhat impersonal and often unfair right-of-way deals otherwise offered.

As the Times puts it: "This allows them to bargain collectively for a better price and ensures that as few as possible succumb to high-pressure tactics or accept low offers. Ranchers share information about the potential value of their wind."