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There are a number of advantages to doing your own electric car conversion....more»
To get serious about energy policy, America needs to abandon, once and for all, the false promise of the hydrogen age...more»
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Sierra Club’s Carl Pope argues that a well-designed package of market reforms will lead to a prosperous, low-carbon future...more»
But what exactly is clean coal? It’s a vague concept with positive connotations... more»
Never mind falling oil prices. Bill Gates and the Rockefellers think they know a better way to fill up your gas tank: algae . . more»

Nota Bene

a large-scale system of electric cars and smart grids is unlikely to be ready soon...more»
The next 10 years in the automobile industry are going to be simultaneously exciting and very unpredictable...more»
Aspen family offers free plug-in service to any owner of an electric vehicle...more»
What shape will the plug for recharging your future electric vehicle take?...more»
Who knew pulp fiction about pre-revolutionary France had lessons for clean-tech investment?... more»
While gasoline has powered the automotive age since the turn of the 20th century, its days as a car's chief fuel are numbered... more»
If you’re longing for the cheapest, quietest, and most earth-friendly commute you could imagine, electric bliss is closer than you probably thought.... more»
Innovation will continue to be as a way to solve the world's energy and environmental problems... more»

Green News

Biggest solar deal ever announced — We're Talking Gigawatts...more»
U.S. solar plant faces delays without energy stimulus...more»
The Norwegian start-up Think Global AS was one of the front-runners--then the financial crisis hit...more»
Will green tech be the next investment bubble?...more»
BYD may be the first Chinese carmaker in America if it brings a plug-in hybrid and electric crossover here in 2011...more»

How much does your morning glass of orange juice contribute to global warming...more»
Major auto companies worldwide see electric cars in their future. The biggest challenge remains the battery... more»
A Kenyan firm plans to produce 300 MW of electricity by 2012 by harnessing renewable wind power ... more»

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