Written by R.E. Lord

As gas prices continue to rise, interest in alternatives to gasoline powered vehicles, notably electric cars, draws more and more attention.  Does this strong interest, however, translate into an increased interest in demand for electric vehicles?

It's obviously the case that high prices at the pump draw more attention to alternative fuel choices, as well as other options such as bicycling and public transportation. Suddenly, there is a feeling of urgency in the air, as if car manufacturers can't get their fuel efficient cars out quickly enough and everyone needs to trade in their SUV for a hybrid.  It remains to be seen, however, just how high prices have to go until we actually see large numbers of alternatives on the road.

Highlighted below are a series of articles that speculate on this phenomenon and question how high fuel prices will change the demand for electric cars and the purchasing decisions of their potential buyers:

Can Electric Vehicles Take Off? A Roadmap to Find the Answer ~ "As instability in the Middle East pushes oil prices past $100 per barrel and gasoline prices toward $4 a gallon in the U.S., the need to find better ways to fuel our vehicles has never been more urgent." An in depth examination that calls for a national demonstration program in key cities with government incentives and infrastructure supports to help determine the viability of electric vehicles.

Will $4-a-gallon gas ignite an electric-vehicle frenzy? ~ "Barring another cataclysmic recession, this may be the moment for electric-car manufacturers to pump up the market." A cursory glance at some of the factors in the market today such as oil prices and which car manufacturer are in a good position to capitalize on the moment.

Even Electric Cars Are No Safe Haven From High Gas Prices ~ "While oil and gas prices have been pushed higher by unrest in the Middle East, consumers have not yet run to the newest electric vehicles on the market." An article that more or less reflects the mainstream media's generally negative view of electric cars. They more or less get the facts right, but frame the expert quotes and assorted stats to show that ultimately electric vehicles just don't make sense.

With gas prices rising, first electric vehicle owners are charged up ~ "Even if gas hits $5 a gallon, electricity rates for charging won't change much, he said, and drivers dependent on foreign oil — and vulnerable to foreign conflicts — may start to covet the battery-powered cars they once mocked." Coverage with a little perspective from some consumers who have already made the move to buy an electric car.




Photo Credit: Basykes on Flickr under Creative Commons