Written by Prognog Staff

Aptera Electric Vehicle The Aptera electric car from Aptera Motors out of Carlsbad, California, might just change the way you think about electric vehicles. Featuring a revolutionary design, focused on aerodynamics and safety, the Aptera glides smoothly and efficiently along on its three, concealed tires. Officially classified as a motorcycle, the company insists safety is a priority and claim to have "raised our standard beyond the requirements of a typical passenger car."

In addition to focusing on crash test results, both computer simulated and real-life test, the car also features a driving position that allows 180 degree rear sight, cameras in lieu of side view mirrors that then project an image on a display panel and large LED indicators for other drivers to see.

The Aptera electric vehicle is actually set to be released in two varieties--all electric or a range extended hybrid model.  The all-electric model is estimated to have a range of about 120 miles while the series hybrid, featuring an onboard gasoline motor that will charge the batteries while driving, is set to provide about an 600-800 mile range.

Aptera expects to begin production of the vehicle beginning late 2008, although it looks like it will only be available in California, at least initially.  The Aptera will likely sell in the $27,000 - $30,000 range.

UPDATE:  The Aptera electric vehicle has been modified and so has their website.