Written by Prognog Staff

Aptera Electric Car
Aptera has updated their website recently with some great new information on their Aptera electric car, or the Aptera 2e, as well as some great new shots of the car.  We've seen some key changes to the car as well, most pronounced from the exterior by the addition of sideview mirrors.  Gone, now, are the rear side cameras and triple-screened viewing system, replaced by a single camera and screen.

As Aptera mentions in their most recent newsletter, "As many of you noted, we have consolidated the three body-mounted cameras, into a single "fin" style camera on the roof. While the initial setup couldn't effectively show the body as a point of reference, the new position and better camera technology provide the driver with an unimpeded view of the surroundings."

This really doesn't seem to detract from the look of the car at all, and will most likely lend itself to a more familiar driving experience. 0.
Aptera Electric Car

Check out their new website at Aptera.com and if you like what you see you can put in your reservation for their electric model, due out in 2009, or their hybrid version, the Aptera 2h, due to hit the roads in 201