Written by Prognog Staff

Wind-TurbinesWind energy refers to the power that is extracted from the wind via wind turbines or windmills. As the technology in this field evolve, the cost of wind generated electric power continues to fall and the efficiency continue to increase. It has been estimated that the cost to produce energy from wind was nearly five greater in the late 1990s than in 2005. This is linked to more efficient wind turbines couples with larger multi-megawatt turbines that are becoming more mass produced.

Wind energy works by using a dynamo that is rotated as the blades of the turbine are turned in the wind. Unlike a fan, which uses electricity to turn the blades, a turbine produces energy by using the wind to turn the blades.

Speaking generally, there are two kinds of wind turbines: those that use two-blades and face away from the wind and those that use three and face into the wind. The most popular kind at this point is the three bladed variety. Electricity is produced on a large scale on wind farms where a large number of turbines are used to form a grid, producing a great deal of energy. It is also possible to use wind turbines on a smaller scale for home use, though it is difficult to power your home energy needs year-round on wind alone.