Written by Prognog Staff Wind Turbine
A recent report from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) claims that wind energy in the U.S. is now over 10,000MW. This level of production creates enough energy to power around 2.5 million households.  The number is expected to rise to 15,000MW by the end of 2007 and 25,000 megawatts by 2010.

Additionally, the cost of producing wind energy, coupled with Federal tax credits, has made this renewable resource more attractive. The cost of wind production varies from 4-7 cents/kWh and is couples with a 1.9 cents/kWh federal production tax credit (PTC). This price is slighter greater than coal at around 3 cents/kWh, but comparable to gas powered plants. The PTC expires in 2007, but proponents of wind energy are hoping to convince Congress to extend the useful credit.

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