Written by R.E. Lord According to reports from Auto Blog Green as well as a lengthy thread on Tesla Motors Club forum, Tesla Motors has raised the price on a slew of options for the Tesla Roadster. The price increase, however, will not only affect the price of just any future owner, but those brave souls who apparently "locked-in" the price of their car--including said options.

As ABG puts it, "it turns out that customers who already locked in orders recently have been unlocked and asked to reselect options. Some of the previously selected options are now higher priced and other previously standard features are now extra cost options."

Tom Saxton, one of the aforementioned customers who locked-in his options and pricing, has a nice breakdown of the changes on his blog.

Short of the original email from Elon Musk, no official word from Tesla Motors on these latest changes.

Update: Brief comment from Tesla's Rachel Konrad on Greentech Media noting that they had to "improve the margins on the car for the next round of investors..."  She goes on to note that Tesla does not take the increase lightly but "it’s a decision we think helps ensure the viability of the company going forward."

No real word yet on why they decided to "unlock" the lock-in prices on those customers who had put down a $50,000 deposit.

Further Update: ABG is reporting that Tesla Motors has called two townhall meetings next week, one in Los Angeles and one in Menlo Park, to discuss the new changes.  As ABG puts it, "It seems that even a new explanatory email from CEO Elon Musk has had little calming effect on the firestorm ignited by the increasing of prices for locked-in Tesla buyers. To avoid further damage from what is fast turning into a PR nightmare, the company is turning to a previously-successful approach and has announced a set of town hall meetings."