Written by Prognog Staff

Tesla Motors Roadster Tesla Motors has recently announced that founder Martin Eberhard will be replaced as CEO of the company by  Michael Marks.  Marks is the former CEO of Flextronics International Ltd. and is an early investor in Tesla.

Eberhard mentions on his blog that this move had been in the planning stages for many months so the change should not signal any weakness in the company or doubt about their upcoming distribution of the Tesla Roadster, slated to hit the roads later in 2007.

Elon Musk, Chairman of Tesla, mentions that Marks is only to serve as an interim CEO for the company as the company searches for a permanent leader.

Eberhard is set to remain with the company as President of Technology.  As Eberhard mentions on his blog, "This means that I will spend less time with Tesla Store plans, performance reviews, purchase order approvals, board meeting minutes, and the like - and more time with engineering and manufacturing to get Tesla Roadsters on the road, and also more time with you, our customers. Honestly, this sounds like a lot more fun to me."