Written by R.E. Lord

Solar Charging Station Envision Solar unveiled their CleanCharge solar charging stations in conjunction with GM's "Volt Unplugged" tour.  Each charging station's solar panels sit on a "solar tree" and, over the course of a sunny, six hour day, will provide enough electricity to fully charge a Chevy Volt.

The solar panels are designed to provide the most effective use of the sun's energy by tracking it across the sky throughout the day, providing the most efficient use of the solar panels capabilities. The company projects that by tracking the sun the efficiency is increased anywhere from 20-25%. Additionally, the panels provide shade to keep the electric vehicle and its batteries cool while charging.

Desmond Wheatley, Envision Solar’s President and COO said of the occasion: “The relationship with General Motors is key as we continue to move into the electric vehicle market, and therefore need to ensure that every component we use is of the highest quality. MAGE SOLAR’s modules offer a best-in-class warranty and allowable tolerances of up to +5 watts, which lower the total cost of ownership for both Envision Solar and our customers. We couldn’t ask for a better partner for this implementation.” Solar Panel Parking

Envision's CleanCharge solar stations help to address one of the key complaints leveled against the use of electric vehicles, the source of the electricity used to charge the batteries. Critics of electric cars contend that powering a fleet of electric vehicles with energy provided from coal power plants are no better for the environment than using fuel efficient gas-powered cars. By using solar powered parking modules and charging the electric vehicle while parked helps to eliminate this concern.