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The Pacific Gas and Electric Company Solar Schools Program, now in its third year, provides funding to support public schools in underserved communities in northern and central California.

In 2006, up to $1.7 million in grants will be awarded to support the involvement of eligible schools for:

* Installation of $20,000 solar generation systems for educational use. Up to 30 schools will be selected to receive these systems at no cost.
* Solar-based training curriculum. PG&E will underwrite the costs, allowing 600 teachers to attend science curriculum training seminars.
* Bright Ideas grants. PG&E will award up to $200,000 in cash grants of $2,500 and $5,000 for solar science projects.

To date, the Solar Schools Program has funded the installation of 30 photovoltaic systems at schools and provided curriculum training for over 400 teachers. Partnerships and Program Administration

Through a series of charitable grants, the PG&E Solar Schools Program is partnering with leaders in the education sector and solar industry to administer this program.

* National Energy Education Development Project (NEED) provides all curriculum resources and training workshops related to this program. NEED also coordinates the application/selection process for these activities and the "Bright Ideas" grants.
* Foundation for Environmental Education manages the installation of all donated photovoltaic systems, and coordinates the school application/selection process.

Learn More and How to Apply

To learn more about the Solar Schools Program and how to apply, please visit the NEED Project website at: www.need.org/pgesolarschools. You may also contact Mary Spruill at the NEED Project by calling toll free (800) 875-5029.

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