Written by R.E. Lord

Image Nissan Motor Company recently announced the forthcoming release of its new electric vehicle sedan that will likely go about 100 miles on a single charge.

 The company suggested the car would be officially unveiled on August 2 in Japan and would hit US and Japanese salesrooms in 2010.  The car would be equipped with a computer system, labelled the EV-IT, that would provide key data to the driver such as a navigation map with the driving radius within its current range as well as the ability to calculate if the vehicle is within range of a pre-set destination.

The driver will also be able to monitor the cars data online or via cell phone, checking things like the state of the battery charge as well allowing the owner to remotely switch the charging function on/off or set the air conditioner timer.

Nissan has been one of the leading car manufacturers in developing an electric car these last few years and this move might just push it to the lead if they can come up with a viable product.  However, note that this industry has historically been long on promises and short on a product when it comes to electric vehicles.  

More information should be forthcoming in August on Nissan's EV Website, www.nissan-zeroemission.com.