Written by Prognog Staff Image 
GM announced that it would be building its own plant in Michigan to produce the lithium-ion battery back for the Chevy Volt.  According to their press release:

"  *GM will establish the first lithium-ion battery pack manufacturing facility in the United States operated by a major automaker
  * LG Chem has been selected to supply the lithium-ion battery cells for the Chevrolet Volt
  * Advanced battery strategy strengthens GM's capabilities to develop hybrid and electric vehicles
  * GM will open a new automotive battery lab - the largest of its kind - in the United States to further strengthen design, development and testing capabilities
  * A partnership with the University of Michigan has been established to develop a specialized curriculum for battery engineer."
This is undoubtedly good news for fans of the Volt as well as those of lithium-ion batteries.  The fact that GM is not only choosing to use this technology, but is heavily investing in the manufacturing of the batteries indicates a commitment to the project that clearly serious.