Written by R.E. Lord

Ethanol E15 The Environmental Protection Agency will allow newer vehicles to use gasoline containing up to 15 percent ethanol.

In a partial waiver decision this week, the agency said it will allow “the introduction into commerce of E15 for use only in model year 2007 and newer light-duty motor vehicles, which includes passenger cars, light-duty trucks and sport utility vehicles (SUV).”

The waiver does not apply to model year 2000 and older “light-duty motor vehicles, as well as all heavy-duty gasoline engines and motor vehicles, highway and off-highway motorcycles, and nonroad engines, vehicles, and equipment,” the EPA cautioned, saying that “there is currently insufficient test data to support an E15 waiver approval for these vehicles, engines, and products.” The EPA deferred a decision on model year 2001 through 2006 light-duty motor vehicles until “additional test data, currently under development, is available.”