Written by R.E. Lord

{mosgoogle left} Image  GM has recently announced its soon to be released Chevy Volt is capable of 230 MPG.  The number is derived by combining the first 40 miles in electric mode, powered by the battery alone.  Thereafter, the car will continue to run off the battery but it will be charged with a fuel-powered engine-generator--granting an extended range of 300 more miles.

Critics of this recent announcement claim that GM is simply using hyperbolic figures for marketing purposes with fuzzy math and unrealistic driving conditions.  In fact, the "230" figure appears to be a marketing tool as an ad campaign will have the number "2" and "3" followed by the round electrical outlet.  The fact is that the fuel economy standards for electric and serial (or series) hybrid vehicles has not truly been ironed out.  The standard methodology for determinining mpg doesn't quite fit electric vehicles and is easily manipulated.

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