Written by Prognog Staff

The National Ag Energy Working Group, sponsored by the Energy Future Coalition, wants agriculture to provide 25 percent of domestic energy by the year 2025 -- "25 by '25." But achieving the goal will depend on government support for biofuel research.

It is clear that agriculture will help push the United States toward energy independence, but alternative and renewable energy sources requires financial support from the public and the government, according to energy experts.

The government needs to allow the market and individuals to make energy decisions. It should eliminate subsidies and allow all types of energy to compete on the same level, he said in a telephone interview.

The high price of crude oil is making biodiesel a competitive alternative energy, but oil prices could go down.

Biodiesel could be competitive, but no one knows what energy sources will be competing in 20 years,

Biodiesel has a better chance of being competitive than other renewable energy for transportation, such as fuel cells, because mechanics and repair shops already exist.

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