Written by R.E. Lord

Renewable Energy from Organic WasteRenewable Energy firm Harvest Power has recently raised $51.7 million in a Series B clean tech funding round from a host of venture capital firms led by Generation Investment Management, a company co-founded by Al Gore. Harvest Power, based out of Waltham, Mass., processes organic matter such as yard waste and discarded food to produce methane, which can then be used as a fuel for generating electricity.

The company has plans to build two new facilities in Canada, one of which Harvest has already broken ground on. This renewable energy facility, outside of Vancouver, will become North America’s first commercial-scale high solids anaerobic digestion facility.

In addition to producing methane, Harvest Power can generate fertilizer in the process as well as compressing the natural gas for transportation purposes.  In fact, the company hopes to use the new green tech funding to also add new renewable energy technologies.  One of which would utilize a high temperature process to make synthesis gas, or Syngas. The by-product can then be used to generate electricity, automotive fuels and additional chemical products.

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Photo from Harvest Power