Written by Prognog Staff

Prof. Andrew Alfonso Frank, Director of Hybrid Vehicle Research at the University of California-Davis, has recently written an interesting article on the need to move towards using plug-in hybrids vehicles (PHEV). He claims: "In contrast, to the much touted hydrogen economy, there is no need for massive infrastructure development and construction. The PHEV allows us to immediately transition from our dependence on oil for transportation to one where we can begin to transition to cleaner and more efficient electricity without a need for new infrastructure.

Dr. Frank feels that the PHEV concept has advanced to the poing where it is ready for serious development by all of the major car companies. Unlike in the past, the technology necessary to run these vehicles efficiently is currently available. To be sure, advances still need to be made, especially in the size and effectiveness of the battery. However, as batteries get smaller and take less time to charge while increasing their power output and efficiency, the PHEV will become an even more attractive option. The public needs to be educated so that the demand for these types of vehicles increases while becoming more profitable for carmakers.

It is an exciting time for proponents of Hybrid Vehicles. The technology has finally arrived that would allow these vehicles to be produced on a scale that will rival the traditional gas-only vehicle. Although hydrogen powered vehicles may someday prove to be the alternative vehicle of choice as electric vehicles begin to take over, the technology exists today to make the plug-in hybrid the best choice for now.