Written by R.E. Lord

Model S Alpha Hits the Road from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

Tesla Motors Model S has begun testing the Alpha model a few months ago and is set to continue refining this model before producing and testing the text Beta models later this year or next. Final production and delivery of the car is still scheduled for mid 2012 in North America.

The first release of the Model S, stated to be around 1,000 cars, will be the unique Model S Signature Series.  This first run should feature a 300-mile all-electric driving range and a host of luxury upgrades and treatments.  The price for this 300-mile range car with the bigger battery pack is now figured to run around the $80,000 mark after the $7,500 Federal tax-credit is figured in.  The next run of the car, coming out by the end of 2012, should allow for a choice between the long range car as well as a 160 and 230 mile range battery priced at about $50,000 and $60,000 (after credit) respectively.