Written by R.E. Lord

Nissan Leaf Interior

Edmunds Inside Line - 2011 Nissan Leaf Long-Term Road Test - "On paper, the 2011 Nissan Leaf seems to be hitting all of its marks in terms of usability and affordability. How will it do when it comes to range and operating costs? We'll be working to answer those over the next six months." [March 8, 2011]

The beginning of a long-term test, now covering the basics...

Cars.com Blog - Our Nissan Leaf's First Week - "One week ago, our long-term Nissan Leaf arrived, and my overwhelming impression is how utterly mundane it's been driving this car." [March 3, 2011]

Impressions from driving the car for a week, notably in some pretty cold, rainy/icy weather.

NY Times - Nissan Leaf, The People’s Electric, Ready to Claim Power - "If anything, the Leaf demonstrates how much the widespread acceptance of vehicles that produce zero tailpipe emissions will depend on external factors like a charging infrastructure." [January 21, 2011]

An in-depth overview of the car, including background on Nissan's long-term strategy.

Plugincars.com - First Full Range Test of Nissan LEAF Yields 116.1 Miles - "After today, I can tell you with unwavering certainty that the LEAF can obtain at least 100 miles of range in the real world." [Oct. 21, 2010]

Not a review per se, but a good first-hand article on testing the range of the Leaf.

Crunchgear - Test Drive: Nissan Leaf - "The Leaf is a car I’d recommend to anyone who’s already game, but it’s not going to change anyone’s mind who isn’t already interested in getting a plug-in." [Aug. 4, 2010]

A lengthy, well-written review with lots of photos and a short, 4.5 minute video.

Clean Fleet Report - Nissan Leaf – Test Driving the New Electric Car - "The LEAF is ideal for many like us who live in a city where range is rarely an issue, and where transit, car sharing, and car rental are also available. The average U.S. suburban household has two vehicles, so the EV could be ideal as one of those two." [July 30, 2010]

A standard, short review from someone who is planning on purchasing the Leaf.

CNBC - Nissan Leaf Test Drive - "The LEAF delivered a far more spirited ride than I was expecting. It's not perfect, and I'll tell you what I didn't like in just a bit, but overall it's a car most people will enjoy driving." [July 13, 2010]

Brief review, not very informative.  Overall, a favorable, if incomplete article with a 5 minute video accompanying the article.

Edmunds.com - 2011 Nissan Leaf: Our First U.S. Test Drive Reveals an EV With Street Cred - "But we are pretty sure after our brief test drive Wednesday that those who do buy will not be disappointed." [July 8, 2010]

A fairly objective, "just the facts" review with lots of nice photos. Overall favorable review with a slight negative impression of the interior.