Written by Prognog Staff

The time for electric vehicles may have finally arrived.  After the ill-fated, but much loved GM EV1 was pulled from the market in 2003, the electric vehicle has been put on the back burner.  In its place in the last few years hybrids have been getting most of the attention and, seemingly, research and development dollars.  Proponents of alternative fuel vehicles are also exploring ethanol and possibly hyrdogen as the next answer to a sustainable source of fuel to power our vehicles.  This may all be changing soon as several smaller companies are making great leaps forward in producing a viable electric powered vehicle.

If your idea of an electric vehicle is that of a glorified golf cart, you have some catching up to do.  Although the most popular electric car of the last decade or so was the GM EV1, which definitely had its critics in the styling department, a new breed of electric vehicle is upon us...and the changes are dramatic and many.

Two of the more exciting projects that are set to arrive in 2007 come from Tesla Motors and Phoenix Motorcars.