Written by Prognog Staff I don't know about you Prognog readers, but I can't stand plastic bags.  Usually, I take my own bags and stuff them as full as I can.  On the offchance I forget to bring my own, I try to also stuff the store's plastic bags to the brim, carefully carrying them into the house to avoid ripping them.  Then, I try to reuse them as much as possible for trash or whatever.  Every one in awhile, though, I forget to mention anything to the bagger and before you know it I have 16 plastic bags for my 25 items.  A few canned items are double-bagged, the bread is in its own bag, etc.  It's really quite pathetic.

I know that for every one of my, who tries to minimize my plastic bag consumption, there are ten other people making baggers triple bag their groceries and grabbing bags for single items.  Do you really need a bag for a pack of gum?

Here's some interesting facts about plastic bags:

--There are 500 billion plastic bags used across the planet every year. (more)

--An estimated 100,000 marine animals die in the Pacific Ocean alone each year. (more)

--There's an area in the Pacific Ocean nearly twice the size of Texas filled with floating debris, including plastic bags. (more)