Written by Prognog Staff

Mark P. Mills over at Forbes.com doesn't see much progress in alternative energy in the future: "While the next few decades will see many changes, the overall energy picture will, in the end, not be that much different."  He looks at a lot of the trends in the 1970s compared to similar ones now, and it looks like the "experts" were singing the same tune back then... [more]

Others feel the outlook is more hopeful...at least when investing in clean tech companies is involved.  In anticipation of the AlwaysOn Going Green industry leaders in the Green Tech / Clean Tech world were asked to respond to a survey of questions relating to the future of Greentech.  Among other things, "more than three out of four respondents expect to see an increase in venture capital funding of greentech in the coming 12 months as compared to this year."  If you've got a CleanTech start up in the works, get working!!!